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Introductory Articles

These five articles were written to help you get up-to-speed in Hebraic thought. The Torah was written to Hebrew people, who spoke the Hebrew language and had a Hebraic culture. Most of the readers of this web page probably live in the West, speak English as their primary language, and have not been trained in Hebraic thought processes, especially Thematic Analysis. Thematic Analysis is the powerful learning tool used by Jewish Yeshivas to understand the Torah. If you want to understand the Torah (and the rest of the Bible), you will need to understand this concept, as well as a few others. I strongly encourage you to study them! 

  • Understanding the Parashat HaShavuah —This article will introduce you to the concept of the weekly Torah cycle.
  • Why Should We Study the Torah? —This article will demonstrate why the Torah should be the foundation for all you believe.
  • Thematic Analysis —This article will introduce you to this powerful Scripture study tool.
  • PaRDeS —This article will introduce you to the four levels of Scripture interpretation.
  • Miscellaneous Tools for Studying the Parashat HaShavuah —This article will provide you with more concepts in Hebraic thought that will help you gain a better understanding of the Scriptures.
  • Other Articles

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