Addressing False Teachings

Addressing False Teachings

This web page has been posted to address errors and troublesome doctrines being taught in the Messianic movement. RTM wants to present an alternative viewpoint on certain doctrines that are particularly troublesome. I will address some issues but I will provide links to other good articles refuting other errors. The main purpose of this web page is to provide some teaching that will hopefully help some of you who have been exposed to these unhealthy teachings. We want to provide you with resources to answer your concerns about these issues. We also want to make you aware of some of the issues that may be coming your way in the near future.

Rebuttal to Steve Berkson's "Are You Saved" Teachings
Written by Tony Robinson.

    Below are article rebuttals to Steve Berkson's "Are You Saved" Teachings. Steve Berkson, of Now Is The Time Ministries, has put forth a five-part teaching entitled "Are You Saved," in which he teaches the following - 1) No one is saved at this moment, 2) No one can know whether or not they are saved until judgment day, 3) On judgment day, the single factor, which determines whether or not you obtain eternal life will be your works done in obedience to Torah, 4) None of the people in Sunday churches are saved because they don't keep Torah. He is clearly teaching salvation by works (Torah obedience), which is contrary to the Scriptures. RTM has put together its own five part series of audio-visual presentations as a rebuttal to Mr. Berkson's heresy. These audio visual teachings contain actual audio from Mr. Berkson's messages so you, the viewer/listener can be sure that he is teaching salvation by works. Furthermore, RTM has provided a full written transcript of Are You Saved Part I so that you can read for yourself (I recommend against that) and know for sure what he is teaching.

Download A Written Transcript of Steve Berkson's "Are You Saved Part 1" 

If you do not see image links to the 5 rebuttal teachings below, you can view them on my YouTube web page at: 
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